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5 Tips to Extend Your Watches condition and make last longer

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

1. Check if Your Watch is Waterproof

Waterproof watches are a common choice among customers. It is a good decision because these watches can withstand water and dust. However, it is hard to find a waterproof watch that can last for a long time.

Is My Watch Waterproof?

To find out if your watch is waterproof, look for an ATM code symbol on the back. The ATM code may define the capability of the watch’s water-resistant. in the market you can generally buy a watch with 1-10 ATM level, but is it mean you can wear a watch with any water condition? definitely not. The variety of ATM levels has a suggested condition how you can work properly in a water environment.

  • 3ATM (3BAR/30 meters) is waterproof, which means it is suitable for daily use and cannot be used for long-term swimming; it can resist a small amount of splashing water and rain for washing hands and face.

  • 5ATM (5BAR/50 meters) is waterproof, which means it is suitable for short-distance swimming in shallows, not for diving or snorkeling.

  • 10ATM (10BAR/100 meters) is waterproof, which means it is suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

  • 20ATM (20BAR/200m) is waterproof, which means it is suitable for high-impact sports in the water and some diving activities, such as snorkeling.

To make sure the water not falling inside your watch, make sure to understand your watch’s ATM level and avoid the harsher condition while wearing your watch.

2. Apply some coating on your watch’s bracelet if it starts showing signs of sweat damage

Watchbands are usually made out of leather, rubber, or metal. It is important to buy a strap that has the same kind of finish as your watch.

There are many ways to clean a watchband. For example, a cloth for watches can help you remove any dirt and dust buildup on the band. A microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning a watchband because it will not cause any scratching or residue from the cloth on the metal hardware.

Silicone-based products are an excellent choice if you want to polish and protect your bracelets. They are usually applied to the watch band after you have thoroughly cleaned it with soap and water, dried it with a paper towel, and have removed all the excess oils from the bracelet.

3. Replace the Battery at the First Signs of Trouble (Quartz Watch)

Replace the battery every 3-5 years - The battery in your watch is similar to that of a mobile phone or laptop, if not more powerful. It can degrade over time, which leads to it failing altogether. Regular checking on the condition of your battery will save you from a lot of headaches in the future when you notice that it doesn't work anymore.

4. Using an Auto Winder Watch box If You No Longer To Wear In Short Period (Automatic Watch)

A lot of people buy a luxury watch to wear it for a long time, but in some cases, they do not wear it for more than one year.

If the watch is not worn for a long time, the oil inside the watch can evaporate. This will lead to damage of the movement, which is one of the most important parts of any mechanical watch.

After a period of time and you try to swing back the watch working, The movement has so many small parts that can be affected its condition and cause problems to reboot the watch.

If you want to avoid this situation you should use an automatic winder box. you can put your automatic watch inside the winder box and let it swing to generate the power itself.

the swing box can make sure the watch can operate 24/7 and ensure the movement’s condition and mechanical connection can work properly to make your watch can operate last longer.

5. Change Straps Properly and turn your watch more stylish!

The best way to change a strap is to unscrew the old strap and screw in the new strap until it's tight.

Watch straps are made of different materials such as leather, silicone, metal, and cloth, which can be easily changed. for example, you will find a loss condition and scratch after a long period of wearing the leather strap, also the human sweat and water could lose the leather condition and become less durable.

You can always buy super cheap watch straps yourself in the market. Silicon strap and metal links are recommended if you're looking for something more durable. Keep in mind that the lug, where your watch is attached to your wrist, needs to match the size of the watch straps.

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